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Frank’s Auto Body, a one of a kind collision shop located in the heart of Perham, MN, is owned and operated by the Holzer family and has been serving the local community and surrounding areas for 40 years.

The team at Frank’s puts great pride and care into every one of our repairs, no matter how big or small, and we use only the highest-grade parts and products available. All of the vehicles we repair are returned to "pre-collision condition" or better. We approach every job with razor-sharp attention to detail. From the bodywork to the final paint to fit and finish, every vehicle embodies the quality and professionalism we conduct our business with every day.

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Owners Frank and Beverly Holzer

About the Owners

Frank Holzer, the man behind the name, is the force behind each vehicle leaving his shop.

The self-taught body man grew up in Butler, MN with the innate love of all things automotive. What started as a hobby many years ago, has now turned into one of the most reputable and thriving body shops in the area today. Frank’s Auto Body was initially opened so Frank wouldn’t have to paint in turkey barns.

In 1980 he opened the first shop in Frazee so he could work on his private collection as well as friend’s and family’s vehicles. From there the business quickly grew, and by 1995 he made his quality work available to the masses. It was at this time that Frank’s made the big move to Perham, MN.

Having grown up with a father who built a shop from the ground up, Brian Holzer followed in his father’s footsteps. Over the years his father had let him work alongside him, which is where he learned almost everything he knows now. With such an inspirational role model at the helm, Brian was a natural born body man, and it was only natural that he would find his passion in the auto body industry. In 2005, Brian took the shop over from Frank, and he has been managing the business ever since. Frank retired in 2015 and officially passed the torch to Brian.

Service areas include Perham, New York Mills, Wadena, Detroit Lakes, Dent, Menahga, Park Rapids, Fergus Falls, Lake Park, and Pelican Rapids MN.